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January 22, 2016

  • Self toss (fungo) hit 20x line drives
  • Self toss (fungo) hit 10x ground balls
    • Self toss helps you develop barrel control and you will learn to make adjustments from one swing to the next
  • Tee work
    • Stop at contact 10x
    • Stop at extension (pitcher)
    • Inside tee- hit 10x low inside, then hit 10x high inside
    • Outside tee- hit 10x low outside, then hit 10x high outside
    • Put the tee deep in the zone to work on pitches that you need to foul off. This tee should be set up past your back hip. This will help you to turn the barrel to get rid of pitches when you are protecting behind in the count.
  • Do all of these reps only counting the quality reps. Each rep should focus on hitting a solid line drive.

Good luck!

– Lisa