It’s amazing that players who have been playing for years do not truly understand the strike zone. Below is 9 year- old Addison Alford learning the strike zone for the first time. Coaches, give your players(regardless if they are 9 or 19 years old) a visual on what pitch is a strike and what pitch is a ball. Teach them how to make proper decision.

strike zone image

  1. If you swing at a good pitch, the chances of hitting it solid increases.
  2. Guess what happens when you swing at a bad pitch? Not a very good chance at hitting it solid.
  3. Players need to understand their zone. They need to understand which pitches are more challenging pitches to hit and which pitches they can take for a ride!
  4. Understanding the zone will help players make a good decision in managing their at bats. For example, if the count is 2-0 and an outside pitch is thrown and the outside pitch is their weakness, they DO NOT have to swing at that pitch just because it’s a strike.
  5. However, if you’re down in the count 0-2 then players must foul the ball off until the pitcher makes a mistake and throws a pitch they can drive.

We can go on and on about different scenarios, but it all comes down to understanding the strike zone and understanding your strengths and weaknesses within the strike zone. Make the pitcher throw you something you can blast!!!

Good Luck!


February 19, 2016