Are you over winter yet? It’s hard to stay motivated in the winter when teams will not hit dirt for several more weeks. We encourage you to keep practice fun and bring as much energy as you can with competitions. Players love to compete. End each practice with a competition to keep your players engaged and wanting more!

Ideas to keep practices fun:

  1. Instead of a normal warm up routine, have your players do a relay race to get warm.
  2. Build an obstacle course for your players to race each other. Use whatever equipment you have available.
  3. Split your team into three groups. Have each group pick their favorite drill for the team to work on.
  4. Let your team run practice. Assign your team captains to plan practice and run it! Teaching is the best way to learn. Giving your team a new perspective, changing roles will give practice a whole new meaning.
  5. Build a competition into every drill you do. Example, if you’re doing tee work set up a target for the players to try to hit.

Here’s a clip of a silly competition that involves dizzy bat. Players love to see their coaches play too.

January 26, 2016

Good luck!