Hello from Lisa,

Hope you all have gotten settled into the new school year. Fall brings new energy, new challenges and new goals. Sometimes the fall can be overwhelming with things like:  aging up to a new age division, getting to know new teammates, a new school, college recruiting or life in general. One thing to remember is that the game of softball is still just that…a game. Don’t over think what it’s all about. Keep it simple. Make sure you set some goals for yourself for the fall. Work every week to improve your game. And remember in the end good things happen to those who put the time and work in. Success doesn’t happen when you show up to practice with your teammates. It happens during those intimate moments at home in the basement/garage/barn when no one is watching or keeping you accountable.

We’re excited for the fall and want to share some opportunities with you:

  • Private lesson:

30 min or 60 min lessons offered

If you are needing some one on one attention here is a link to schedule a lesson with me.

  • Tuesday/Thursday “Advanced All Skills” (ages 10-18):

Every Tuesday and Thursday in the fall we will be offering “All Skills” sessions from 6:00-7:30pm at The Green. If you aren’t able to make all the sessions we can pro rate.

For more info Tues/Thurs sessions check out this link. 

  • Cage space- Preps offers two 60′ cages with balls, tees and machines. Email softballpreps@gmail.com to reserve or text 502-599-4968.
  • Pitcher/Catcher “Battery” Clinics will be announced (more details to come)!
  • College Recruiting Seminar (coming in October)!

If you have specific questions please email softballpreps@gmail.com

Good luck,